Our Story

Brandon Venaglia

Head Brewer

Head Brewer Brandon Venaglia has spent the last 8 years wandering the wilderness of the craft beer industry in New Mexico, most recently at Bathtub Row Brewing Co-op in beautiful Los Alamos.


After 3+ years of honing his skills at an extremely popular spot in The Secret City, he heard the calling of his hometown and accepted the position of Head Brewer here at Toltec in March of 2021.


Brandon has been at the forefront of the “Buy Local” movement for several years now, and hopes to continue introducing new and innovative ingredients from growers and producers as close to the brewery as possible. If you ever see him behind the glass, brewing away in his natural habitat, go ahead and give him a wave or a thumbs up – just don’t feed him, as he’s on a special diet! Cheers!