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Su: 12pm - 9:30pm

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11:30am - 10:30pm 

11:30am - 11:30pm

12pm - 9:30pm


Cactus Warrior

An easy drinking wheat beer, brewed with blue agave nectar

5.6% ABV 28 IBU 

5 Paths Pale

Our pale ale is brewed with flaked oats and a large addition of juicy hops.

5.8% ABV 80 IBU

Lupulin Guardian IPA

With a generous addition of North American hops, this is a classic dry West Coast IPA.

6.6% ABV 92 IBU

Shaman Stout

Big, bold, and dark, this stout features roast and chocolate flavors which demand attention, and a chewy caramel finish that lingers on the palate.  Our darkest year round offering.

5.6% ABV 30 IBU

Sacred ALTar

This Altbier is a clean, malt-forward, German style amber ale, brewed with 100% German ingredients.

5.6% ABV 28 IBU

Mystic Rye

A crisp, straw colored German inspired lager, brewed with malted rye and German hops.

4.5% ABV 24 IBU

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